Bowman Campsites
Exact Location:
Lake County- around Bowman Lake. Access 1/4 mile from the 56th St. Trailhead via the North Country Trail or Bowman Trails. Lake and campsites are 200 feet west of the NCT.
buildingBowman Campsites
Bowman Campsite being built by Spirit of the Woods Chapter of the NCTA in 2004 (photo by jhy)

Prior to 2004, several campsites had been marked with numbered posts by the Forest Service around Bowman Lake, and they had fire rings, but there was not a level surface on which to put a tent. Beth Heckman contacted the North Country Trail Association about making a gift in memory of her husband. Prior to his death, he had loved the NCT, in particular the area around Bowman Lake.

With the approval of the Forest Service, the chapter constructed tent pads and leveled areas in early 2004. Two sites are on the east and two on the west side of the lake.

A dedication ceremony was held in May of 2004. Several members of the Heckman Family traveled to the location for the event.

Bowman campsite 4
Scouts using the large Bowman campsite on the west side of the lake (photo by jhy)
The sites on the west side of Bowman Lake are larger, and are often used by Scout groups or families. Treat water before using. Tent pads, fire rings, picnis tables. No latrine.

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