Bowman Trails
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Lake County- access from the 56th St. Trailhead or 40th St. Totally within the Bowman Lake Semi-Primitive Area and managed by the Manistee National Forest, Baldwin District
Bowman Trails
Bowman Trails- most of the Bowman Trails are popular for cross country skiing (photo by jhy)
There are approximately 10 miles of loop and spur trails within the Bowman Lake Semi-Primitive Area. These trails intersect with the North Country Trail at the 56th St. and 40th St. Trailheads, and also come within a few feet of each other at two points along the largest loop.

Several loops, around the lake and an additional small loop to 56th St, have long been used by cross-country skiers. The western portion of the primary loop was more or less hikeable with parts on an old two-track, but was improved and marked by members of the Spirit of the Woods Chapter of the North Country Trail Association, with the permission of the Forest Service, creating a popular six-mile loop.

Since then, the Forest Service has built an additional loop trail off the main north-south Bowman Trail, called the Leatherleaf Loop.

Semi-Primitive areas are protected from vehicular travel and are characterized by a predominantly natural or natural-appearing environment with a moderate probability of experiencing isolation from the sights and sounds of man. There are a number of interesting glacial features within the approximately six square miles of the Bowman SPA.

Bowman Trails
Most Bowman Trails are well marked and connect to the NCT (photo by jhy)
There are four campsites around the lake with tent pads, fire rings, and tables. This area is a nice place for a weekend of hiking and camping, particularly with children.

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Bowman Lake SPA at Get Off The Couch
Spirit of the Woods Chapter of the NCTA
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