Michigan East & West Railway
Exact Location:
Lake County- just north of 3-Mile Road.
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The Michigan East and West Railway was formed in 1914, after a reorganization of the Michigan and Grand Rapids Railroad. The MI E&W operated for only four years before it failed. All assets were taken over by Pere Marquette Rail, which liquidated the operation and sold it for junk value. However, the berm for this line is one of the more obvious of the historic rail beds which the NCT crosses.

Michigan East and West Railway berm
Michigan East and West Railway berm (photo by jhy)
You can't fail to miss it as you climb north from 3-Mile Road and then cross a wide, benched passageway, which remains clear of trees.

Michigan East & West Railway station in Manistee
Michigan East & West Railway station in Manistee (photo from Manistee History)
During its brief time of operation, an impressive station was built on Water Street in Manistee. The rail line ran from the city of Manistee through Manistee, Mason, Lake, and Osceola Counties. It served the villages of Sauble, Peacock, Luther, and Tustin, before terminating at Marion. Sauble and Peacock are now almost completely defunct. Luther, Tustin, and Marion are still incorporated, with populations of under 1000. Other towns on the line are barely memories.

The rail line carried lumber, freight, and passengers.

Manistee County Historical site
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