US Highway 10
Exact Location:
Lake County- North Country Trail crossing of US 10.
map of US 10
Map of US Highway 10 in red. Blue stars show approximate NCT crossings. Blue lines are interstates. (derivitive of map by Nick Nolte, public domain)

US Highway 10 currently runs from Bay City, Michigan, to West Fargo, North Dakota. It is an east-west route (as indicated by the even number), and was set forth in 1926 as a major highway (denoted by a number ending in zero). The Interstate highway system was overlaid on portions of its right-of-way, and US 10 is now only about 550 miles long.

It is one of only two highways with a ferry officially designated as part of the route: specifically, the S.S. Badger, from Ludington, Michigan, to Manitowac, Wisconsin.

US Forest Service Sign for Timber Creek
Highway sign on US 10 for trailhead. (photo by jhy)
The trail continues at a slight angle across the highway. There is a spur trail on the north side of the road to the parking area and trailhead. Please do not walk the highway to reach the parking area; it is shorter to follow the trail and the spur.

The closest community to the west from this crossing is Branch, 2.4 miles. Motel, small grocery store, Post Office 49402.

The closest community to the east from this crossing is Baldwin, 10.2 miles. Motels, groceries, laundromat, gas, restaurants, ice cream, hardware store, other small town amenities. Post Office 49304. Manistee National Forest Ranger Station. Lake County Sheriff Department. Michigan DNR office at the corner of US 10 and M-37, 7 miles east.

The North Country Trail crosses US 10 twice: here, and in Frazee, Minnesota.

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