Vince Smith Bridge
Exact Location:
Lake County- crosses the Big Sable River, 0.75 mile south of 5-Mile Road.
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old Vince Smith Bridge
The original Vince Smith Bridge built in the 1990s (photo by jhy)

The Vince Smith Bridge was built across the Big Sable River by volunteers, prior to the formation of the Spirit of the Woods Chapter of the NCTA. The primary volunteer involved in this effort was Vince Smith, and the bridge is named for him. He died around 1998. A picture of him will be added if one can be located.

New Vince Smith Bridge
the new Vince Smith Bridge (photo by jhy)
The Forest Service became concerned about having any footers in the water of the river, and wanted a clear span bridge installed. The project was funded by the National Park Service and National Forest Service. Volunteers built the approaches and the piers. The bridge was completed in 2016.

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