Ward Hills Fire Tower
Exact Location:
Lake County- 0.3 mile west of the trail about 1.5 miles north of 8th Street
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Ward Hills Fire Tower site
Ward Hills Fire Tower keeper house foundation (photo by jhy)

The best thing about the Ward Hills Fire Tower site is the foundation of the keeper's house. All that's left from the tower is the footings, and the trees have grown in so there isn't even a very good view. But it's fun to imagine who might have lived in this small house and what their lives were like.

Ward Hills Fire Tower benchmark
Ward Hills Fire Tower benchmark (photo by jhy)
This tower was located at the end of a short road off Fox Road in the Manistee National Forest. The base elevation is 1160 feet, on the highest hill in the area known as Ward Hills. This tower was 100 feet tall, and was built by the Walhalla CCC unit. It was dismantled in 1972.

With the aid of navigational tools you can make a nice loop with the NCT, 8th St, the tower access road, and a short bushwhack.

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