Ward Hills Snowmobile Trail
Exact Location:
Lake County- The Ward Hills Snowmobile south trailhead is located at Timber Creek near the North Country Trail kiosk. The NCT also crosses it on 8th Street and Mac Road (which are not maintained for cars in the winter).
Lake County Irons area snowmobile trail map
Lake County snowmobile trails in red/orange. Approximate route of the NCT in bright blue. (derivitive of the Irons Area Tourist Association trail map)

Ward Hills Snowmobile Trail leads from Timber Creek into the Ward Hills area and connects with other Lake County snowmobile trails. It is noted as Trail #6583 or #35, depending on the map.

It is possible to make various loop hikes by using the NCT and the snowmobile trail system, although hikers should keep in mind that the route may be used by motorized vehicles even in summer. A mile loop, which is fairly easy to find, is to take the snowmobile trail north from Timber Creek to the first sharp left, marked with a yellow sign. Bushwhack straight east on the remains of a very old woods road, and the NCT will be crossed in about 1/10 mile. Return south to Timber Creek.

The North Country Trail shares the Timber Creek Trailhead parking with the Ward Hills Snowmobile Trail. The NCT also crosses it on 8th Street and Mac Road- roads which are not plowed in winter and are designated snowmobile trails.

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