Wingleton Road and Wingleton
Exact Location:
Lake County- North Country Trail turns east on Wingleton Road off South Branch Road
map showing Wingleton, Michigan
Wingleton, on Railroad Lake. Blue line is approximate NCT route (derivitive of Sweetwater Township plat book, 1920s)

Wingleton Road led to the former village of Wingleton, most likely established by and named for businessman Wilson D. Wing, who owned the Lake County Railroad. Wingleton was a stop on both the Pere Marquette Railway and the Lake County Railroad.

The village was an active logging town in the late 1800's. By 1900 most of the large pine had been cut and removed. Wingleton survived longer than several other communities on the rail line. The Post Office closed in 1931, with the final postmark having a date of December 15, 1931.

The foundations of a water tank are all that remain at present.

The North Country Trail turns north into forest off Wingleton Road, 0.7 miles from the corner of South Branch Road. The village of Wingleton was 4.5 miles farther east on Railroad Lake.

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