Little River Band of the Ottawa Indians
Exact Location:
Manistee County- tribal properties are located south of Highbridge and north of Marilla Road
tribal property sign
Little River Band of the Ottawa Indians tribal property sign (photo by jhy)

The Little River Ottawa are descendants of the Grand River Ottawa whose villages were located on the Manistee River, Pere Marquette River, and the Grand River in Michigan. In 1994 the tribe was recognized and restored by the United States. Tribal headquarters are located in Manistee.

There are two places where the NCT crosses Little River property. These are signed at each end, and camping is not permitted on their land. One is just south of Highbridge, and the other is just north of Marilla Road.

Little River Band of Ottawa Indians flag
flag of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians (Wikipedia)

In 1836, a Reservation was established on the Manistee River, and in 1855 another treaty resulted in the establishment of Indian Town near Custer, on the Pere Marquette River.

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