Sawdust Pile/Hole
Exact Location:
Manistee County- just west of Dilling Road in Leitch Bayou below Sawdust Hole Campground
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Sawdust Pile interpretive sign
an interpretive sign placed in Leitch Bayou by the Forest Service in 2004 (photo by jhy)

Sawdust Hole Campground is a Forest Service Campground located just west of Dilling Road. The North Country Trail can be reached from the access road via a short spur. The name of the location has variously been Sawdust Hole and Sawdust Pile.

Both names are referencing the fact that during the logging era, several sawmills were located on the flat area of Leitch Bayou along the Manistee River. One of the mills survived into the 1950s. There is no visible trace of the narrow-gauge railroads mentioned in the sign. Probably many logs were moved on the river.

The sign is now in poor shape, but it can still be found in the bayou.

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