Highbanks Rollway
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Wexford County- On the Manistee River. Road access from Buckley via 25 Rd. On trail between Harvey Bridge and Baxter Bridge
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Highbankss Rollway
Highbanks Rollway on the Manistee River (photo by jhy)

Highbanks Rollway (or Rollaway) is one of many places along the Manistee River that was used to drop logs into the river for easier transport to mills. This particular site was first used after 1869, as it is not mentioned in a survey made in that year. Logs were stored at the top of the banks until spring. Then a "key" log was removed from the piles and the lumber would plunge to the water. The sand banks here are 200 feet high. You can see how little vegetation has grown back in 150 years. The practicality of the steep banks was more important than environmental considerations to loggers.

Highbanks Rollway oxbow
Highbanks Rollway Oxbow (photo by jhy)
This is one of the most symmetrical and pictured oxbows of hundreds on the Manistee River. There is a viewing deck, and benches are located along this popular section of trail. The scene (and many others in this section of trail) is spectacular in autumn.

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