Hodenpyl Dam Pond
Exact Location:
Wexford County- On the Manistee River. Roughly between the village of Mesick on the upstream end and the Manistee National Forest at the dam on the downstream end.
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Hodenpyl Dam Pond
Hodenpyl Dam Pond on the Manistee River (photo by jhy)

This impoundment along the Manistee River is approximately 8 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. The trail along the pond is one of the longest stretches in Michigan along a waterway near water level. The land is owned by Consumers Energy. The Federal Electric Regulatory Commission mandates that land surrounding such impoundments be used for recreation. Thus, an agreement with the North Country Trail Association was made in the early 2000s and the Grand Traverse Hikers Club Chapter of the North Country Trail Association built these miles of trail. The reroute removed about 10 miles of roadwalking.

construction of Hodenpyl Dam
construction of Hodenpyl Dam (vintage postcard)
Hodenpyl Dam Pond was created in 1925 by the building of the Hodenpyl Dam. The dam was a project of Consumers Power, the forerunner of Consumers Energy. The dam is one of 13 hydroelectric projects in northern lower Michigan, and it supplies enough electricity for about 5000 homes. It was named for Anton G. Hodenpyl of Grand Rapids, President of Consumers Power in the 1920s.

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