In 2012 we began an effort to officially recognize those who have hiked one or more complete North Country Trail state, and/or 1000 unique miles of the trail. This is overseen by the Long Distance Hiker Recognition Committee of the North Country Trail Association.

This program is an effort to preserve the information about those who have hiked a large number of unique miles on the North Country National Scenic Trail, to recognize those who have done so, to encourage others to hike more of the trail, and perhaps to eventually form an official North Country Long Distance Hikers Club.

The central patch is awarded once, with the initial application. The rockers are added as hikers complete additional states or mileages. If all parts of the trail are completed on foot the End to End Hike rocker is awarded. If some portions are legally bicycled/rollerbladed/etc or paddled (in adjacent waterways) the End to End Trip rocker is awarded.

To apply for Long-Distance Hiking Awards on the NCT:

Download the full NCT End-to-End Hike/Trip Policy

Download the application for status as a long-distance hiker

Download the quick and dirty Recognition Instruction Sheet

Mail or email completed applications to
Joan H. Young
861 W US 10
Scottville, MI 49454
electronic submissions encouraged, especially the essay in a format that can be edited
(LDH Committee Chair)


This list includes only those people who have applied for this patch set. No other complete hikes/trips are known, but there are a number of people who have qualified for some of the patches who have not applied. Those who hiked/followed the entire NCT before 2011 (and Sue Lockwood who is deceased) were grandfathered in without requiring an application.
NamePictureStates/Miles HikedE2E?DateTrail Namejournal, North Star feature, etc.
Beattie, DonDon Beattie4387 milesE2E Hike (#6)1980-2005--no known story or journal
Beatty, JeffJeff BeattyPA--2018--Jan 2018 North Star
Boulee, DougDoug BouleeMI, WI, 1000--2012Windigo--
Brag, RachelRachel BragND--2020--coming April 2021 North Star
Conrad, JudyJudy ConradMAC, 1000--2016-2021--future North Star
Courtois, BillBill CourtoisMAC, 1000--1999-2021--future North Star
Dorrough, DanDan Dorroughest 4600 miles, MACE2E Hike (#15)1998- 2016--Oct 2016 North Star
Dorrough, RuthRuth Dorroughest 4600 miles, MACE2E Hike (#14)1998- 2016--Oct 2016 North Star
Eberhard, EbEb Eberhardest 4000 milesE2E Hike (#8)2009Nimblewill NomadOdyssey 2009
Fromme, ChetChet Frommeest 3600 milesE2E Hike (#3)1992-1995--End to End Journals by Wes Boyd
Oct 1995 North Star
Geisler, JudyJudy Geislerest 4000 milesE2E Trip (#2)
included bicycling
2009--Judy and Bob's Traveling Pages
Gruchalla, RennaeRennae GruchallaND--2020Sunsetcoming April 2021 North Star
Hoffman, CarolynCarolyn Hoffmanest 3200 milesE2E Trip (#1)
included bicycling
1978--End to End Journals by Wes Boyd
and cover of
April 1994 North Star
and Apr 2014 North Star
Carolyn also shared a serial account of her hike on her Facebook page
Holst, KenKen HolstPA--2017--Jan 2018 North Star
Johnson, LouAnn (Fellows)LouAnn Fellows JohnsonNY, PA, WI, MN, ND, 1000, 2000, 3000--1978--End to End Journals by Wes Boyd
and cover of
April 1994 North Star
and Apr 2014 North Star
Jordan, LukeLuke Jordanest 4000+ milesE2E Hike (#10)2013StriderStrider's Journal
and his book
Thru and Back Again
and Jan 2014 North Star
and Apr 2013 North Star
and Oct 2013 North Star
Klein, SusanneSusanne KleinPA, 1000--2020--coming April 2021 North Star
Krause, JerryJerry KrauseWI--2015-2017--Jan 2018 North Star
Lawton, DuaneDuane Lawton1000, MAC--2015-2018--Jul 2018 North Star
Learned, AlAl Learnedest 4000+ milesE2E Hike (#11)2013--no known story or journal
Lockwood, SueSue Lockwood2800 miles--1994--End to End Journals by Wes Boyd
A Hiker Like Anyone Else by Ed Talone
and Sue Lockwood: Accepting the Challenge by her brother Gordon Smith
Lowe, GailGail Loweest 4000+ milesE2E Hike (#12)2014ChosenNature Nymph You Tube Channel
Lunning, JamesJames Lunningest 4000+ miles, MACE2E Hike (#13)2015-2016AttritionApr 2016 North Star
Mayer, GleeGlee MayerND--2019-2020--coming April 2021 North Star
Menke, BillBill MenkeNY PA, MAC, 1000, 2000--1974-2018OnepaceMany articles in North Star over the years and his personal essay in Jul 2019 North Star
Morgan, RichardRichard MorganOH, 1000--2009-2019Pioneer SpiritJan 2020 North Star
Musko, KerryKerry MuskoMI, MAC, 1000--2011-2018--Oct 2018 North Star
Olsen, MichelleMichelle OlsenND, MAC, 1000--2020--coming April 2021 North Star
Oostveen, JoJo OostveenMI, 1000--2011-2017--Jul 2018 North Star
Painter, DaleDale PainterMI, 1000--2009-2019Trail DaleJan 2020 North Star
and Jan 2011 North Star
Peltonen, ShaneShane Peltonenest 4000+ miles, VTE2E Hike (#16)2016--Jan 2017 North Star
Pisano, FrankFrank PisanoPA--2018--Apr 2019 North Star
Roberts, RandallRandall RobertsOH, PA, 1000--2010-2021Buckeye CommanderJul 2018 North Star
Sanderson, ShariShari SandersonMI, MAC, 1000--2015-2021Spider Womanfuture North Star
Schmitt, JohnJohn Schmittest 4000+ miles, VTE2E Hike (#18)1998-2019Design Wizard Jan 2013 North Star
and Apr 2019 North Star
and Apr 2020 North Star
Seaney, DougDoug SeaneyMI, MAC, 1000--2002-2020--coming April 2021 North Star
Shoup, AllenAllen Shoupest 3000+ milesE2E Hike (#5)2004--no known story or journal
Siegel, BenBen Siegel1000--2016----
Siegel, JakeJake Siegel1000--2016----
Simpson, NathanNathan Simpsonest 4000+ milesE2E Hike (#17)2018SampsonJan 2019 North Star
Skurka, AndrewAndrew Skurkaest 4000+ milesE2E Hike (#4)2004-2005--Sea to Sea Slideshow
and Apr 2005 North Star
Smith, BartBart Smithest 4000+ milesE2E Hike (#7)2007--Walking Down a Dream, North Country Trail
Smith, MattMatt SmithMI, MAC, 1000--2015-2019--Oct 2019 North Star
Sootsman, RonRon Sootsman1000--2008-2019--Jul 2019 North Star
Talone, EdEd Talone4473 milesE2E Hike (#2)2007--End to End Journals by Wes Boyd
Jan 1995 North Star
Tanzman, BrianBrian Tanzman4000+ milesE2E Hike (#19)2014-2020Buck 30coming April 2021 North Star
Thompson, JacobJacob ThompsonOH, 1000--2014-2020--Jan 2020 North Star
Wegener, AmandaAmanda WegenerMI, MAC, 1000--2011-2018--Oct 2018 North Star
Wegener, CherylCheryl WegenerMI, MAC, 1000--2011-2018--Oct 2018 North Star
Wegener, TomTom WegenerMI, MAC, 1000--2011-2018--Oct 2018 North Star
Wells, DaveDave WellsPA--2002-2012----
Williams, RossRoss WilliamsNY, PA, OH, 1000, 2000--2015-2018--Oct 2018 North Star
Wolfe, PeterPeter Wolfe3000+ milesE2E Hike (#1)1974-1981--End to End Journals by Wes Boyd
Summer 1990 North Star
Wozniak, Merri CarolMerri WozniakWI, MAC, 1000--2016-2020Short Circuitcoming April 2021 North Star
Young, JoanJoan Young4455 miles, VT, MACE2E Hike (#9)1991-2010--two books chronicle her hike, North Country Cache and North Country Quest. See more at Books Leaving Footprints
and Oct 2014 North Star
and Jul 2019 North Star
and Jul 2010 North Star

It would be welcome if you felt inclined to make a small donation. Please donate to the North Country Trail Association and mark it for Long Distance Hiker Recognition.
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