Tank Creek
Exact Location:
Lake County- North Country Trail crossing of Tank Creek on Wingleton Road.
Tank Creek map
Tank Creek map, North Country Trail approximate route in blue (derivitive of USGS map)

Tank Creek is a stream about three miles long that flows southward into the Pere Marquette River. It arises in a wetland area just west of the Timber Creek trailhead.

The North Country Trail crosses the main creek in a dip of Wingleton Road and shortly thereafter, a small tributary.

Pine Island Lake on the creek is private, but can be seen from US Highway 10. Although they are off the trail, the headwaters are beautiful. The water is generally too high in the spring to allow much access, but in summer and fall one can hike around the edges of these wetlands. Access is via a small trail that leaves the northernmost camp site at Timber Creek, or via the Ward Hills Snowmobile Trail which also has a trailhead at Timber Creek.

Tank Creek headwaters
Tank Creek headwaters near Timber Creek. (photo by jhy)
There are short stretches of pavement on Wingleton Road spanning Tank Creek in order to minimize the amount of sediment that is deposited in the water to protect the Pere Marquette watershed. These crossings were rebuilt in 2010 and have bottomless culverts which provide a natural stream bed.

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